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European customers, outside Scandinavia, in need of support or service, are requested to contact the for the region authorized Eizo distributor.
Eizo authorized distributors in Europe are allowed to request service directly to Eizo Nordic AB for RadiForce, ColorEdge monitors and Graphic Cards purchased from Eizo.
We always try to handle all service matters in a professional, safe and fast way, but to avoid delays, please fill the form out as complete and correctly as possible.
Fields marked with the asterisk '*' are obligatory.
When you have confirmed that the information filled out to the form is true and correct and the terms in the form is accepted the service request can be sent. Then click on 'Send'.
About the reported product
Model * 
Panel type

Serial number (S/N) * 
Color of chassi
Used time (hours)
Purchase date
Is the reported monitor one from a purchased pair (only valid for RadiForce)
If Yes
Pairing number
S/N, second unit
Client / Customer (invoicing address)
Company name/Name
Contact person/department
Client / Customer ref. no.
PO box
Postal code
Org. reg. no.
VAT no./Tax ID
Telephone * 
Mobile phone
E-mail address *
User/delivery address (if other than above)
Company name
Contact person/department
Postal code
Available / Opening hours
Mobile phone
E-mail address
Requested service

Requested freight type
Temporary SWAP including Pick up - available for any type of monitor service

Eizo Nordic AB will send a SWAP monitor to the delivery address.
Eizo Nordic AB will arrange Pick Up of the reported monitor from the delivery address.
Eizo Nordic AB will send the served monitor to the delivery address.
Eizo Nordic AB will arrange Pick Up of the SWAP monitor from the delivery address.

PICK UP - SWAP - available for Warranty Service on units up to 3 years after purchase

(This is valid for SWAP/Exchange) Eizo handles the freight of the exchange unit to the customer as well as the freight of the fault reported unit from customer to Eizo. This is offered up to 3 years as of purchase date and if the reported symptom indicates a warranty fault. The condition is that the reported unit is free from damage or other faults not covered by the warranty.

SEND IN - available for units older than 3 years and Non-warranty service

The customer will send the reported monitor to Eizo Nordic AB.
Eizo Nordic AB will send the served monitor to the delivery address.

Requested freight level
Express freight

The monitor/graphic card will in normal circumstances be delivered within one business day.

Standard freight

The monitor will in normal circumstances be delivered within one business week.

About the fault symptom (tick problem type and describe symptoms)
Does the product show an image
Indicator light is: Blue Green Yellow Blinking Off
Bad focus Unstable Color error Pixel error

Click here to read our pixel policy

Detailed fault description:
Is the fault description verified by an authorized Eizo distributor
Problems occur
Vertical frequency (Hz)
Horizontal frequency (kHz)
Other resolution x
Problems occur
With ANALOG video (VGA) With DIGITAL video (DVI)
Constantly Sometimes, how often:
Is the product marked against theft * 
Is the product damaged * 

NB! Eizo Nordic AB will charge for the repair (including labour and material) of any flaws, defects or damages not covered by the limited warranty on trouble reported products returned after single SWAP. To avoid this cost Eizo Nordic AB offers Temporary SWAP, Pick Up or Send-in service. This applies for example to: Theft marking, Freight damage, Lightning damage, Scratches on casing/screen surface or Discolouration of casing due to e.g. smoking, sunlight, etc.

Eizo Nordic AB reserves the right to charge:

  • If the trouble reported product has flaws, defects, damages, etc. that not are covered by the limited warranty
  • For work expenses upon troubleshooting and for freight costs if trouble reported product should prove to be free of defects
  • For the replacement product if the trouble-reported product does not arrive at Eizo Nordic AB within 10 days of delivery of the replacement product. Return of the trouble-reported product after more than 10 days of invoice date is not accepted
I do declare that the information filled in above is true & correct and that I have read, understood and accept the terms above *

If some information is missing or not correctly filled in, the service might be delayed. If you are unable to complete the obligatory * or accept the terms, please take contact to Eizo Nordic AB.

Please fill in all fields marked with a red asterisk
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